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What is Phantom Trading?


Are you tired of indicators cluttering up your chart?


Do you feel lost when analyzing the market...


Not understanding what's causing price to move?


Not knowing where it's headed next and most importantly why?


The aim of Phantom Trading is to simplify trading using a supply & demand methodology... and to help you truly understand price action.


We cover concepts such as market structure, expectational order flow, liquidity and more.


It may sound like a lot... but this increases trading results and improves risk-reward per position tremendously.


Once you see how we trade, you won't want to go elsewhere.


Our team has over 40+ years of combined experience and has truly seen everything in the financial markets.


Rest assured, we've made every possible mistake along the way so that our students don't have to!


With us, you'll discover how to apply a system driven approach to your trading.


It's not unheard of for our students to hit 10, 20, 30% DAYS let alone months.


Come trade alongside us as we breakdown the markets; explaining our approach and thought process in detail along the way.


Join over 1,100 members who are actively trading the Phantom strategy right now, pulling consistent profits from the markets with confidence as they pursue funding and full time trading.

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